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A few thoughts on…Spain

7 Apr

What a great trip. Ten days in Barcelona and Madrid. Hard to say which city I liked best. Totally different. Both beautiful.   Let’s start with food. Oh my. Incredible food. I don’t know how anyone in Spain can be gluten intolerant or vegan. Bread and meat everywhere. Ham. Lots of ham. Spainiards take great pride in their ham. It’s in every restaurant. Some even have “ham sommeliers.”  People who specialize in cutting this beautifully cured ham. Some of these pigs are fed special diets of acorns. It’s incredible stuff.   

They take things slowly. Life is to be lived and enjoyed. I hope I can learn how to do that. 

Museums. Incredible museums. We did a museum a day. Loved them all. Some wonderful Spanish artists. Picasso. Dali. Muro. 

Both Barcelona and Madrid are great walking towns. Well maintained and incredible architecture. The Gaudi Cathedral in Barcelona is amazing. Inside and out. 

The bullet train. 200 mph between Barcelona and Madrid. Took just a few hours. Felt like nothing. You would never know if you hadn’t looked outside. Everything zipped by. 

We were there Easter week. The processions from the churches and cathedrals were a sight. They love to make a big deal out of Easter. 

It was a great trip. Start to finish. Can’t wait for my next adventure.