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New Year

2 Jan

 It’s 2016. I have spent the last month of 2015 in a bit of a haze. Never really felt like it was Christmas. I even took the tree down the day after Christmas. That’s not that unusual for me, however. My mother used to take the tree down Christmas night. “I hate seeing a tree with no presents under it,” Phoebe used to say. This year though, was different. Most people I know said they thought the weather was too hot. Didn’t “feel” like Christmas. For me, it was that and a lot more. I started December by going to Texas. Had some vacation days to burn and decided to go home. I learned the meaning of the phrase, “You can’t go home, again.”  Now that some time has past since both my parents died, Paris, Texas, no longer feels like home. I still have friends there. My best friend is there, Mary Dee. Yet, home isn’t home anymore. The house I grew up in is owned by someone else now. The people I knew are gone. Any other time of year, it might have been fine. Being there during the holidays though, was tough. My family has this tradition of putting flowers on relatives’ graves. We have done it for years at Christmas and Easter. Not just a couple. Twenty or more!  I promised myself that after my mother died, I would stop it. Not yet. Oh, I did cut back. The relatives I never knew didn’t get flowers. But, Mom, Dad, Aunt Ma, Uncle J, Uncle Raymond and a few more…all got flowers. I knew it would make my mom proud. It didn’t help my mood however. The bright spot though was seeing Emma. The lady that worked in our home and took care of me while both my parents worked in the family drugstore. Emma is getting older. When I asked her how old she is, she said, “Boy, I’m as old as black pepper. And that’s been shaking a long time!”  That’s my Emma and I love her so much. So, I got through Christmas. Spent the new year in New York. Very nice. No, I didn’t see the ball drop. Far from it. I do love these first few days into a new year. The slate is clean. Everything is new. Starting over. I have great plans for 2016. Resolutions. I love making resolutions. This is the year I stick to them. By this time next year, I’ll be 20 pounds lighter…have 8% body fat…millions of dollars richer. That next trip to Paris, Texas, will be in style!  Happy new year, everybody.