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Aging Gaily

2 Apr

“Aging Gaily”(Or is it “Gaily Aging?”)

I’m walking into a gay bar on the Saturday afternoon of Tampa Pride. Bradley’s, I think is the name of the place. Ybor City. I realize that I’m old. 57. In “gay years, that’s about 105. The kids were all there. Shirtless. Abs. Hairless. Dancing. The older gays were there too. Trying to still look young. Some shirtless. Some with abs. Many, very, very hairy! As Stephen Sondheim wrote, “Here’s to the ladies who lunch. Aren’t they a gas??!!”

I said to my husband, Enrique, “If you die or leave me, I am never doing this. I’ll stay home home…wear moo moos… and play with the dogs!”  

Just a bit earlier, I was the Grand Marshall of the Tampa Pride Parade. It was huge. Far bigger than I ever imagined. Because I have read the news on Tv at the FOX station for more than twenty years, everyone knows me. It just comes with the job. To hear your name yelled by a crowd of people is incredible. Intoxicating, really. I told the Mayor, “Okay. I get it. This is why you put up with all the crap. Love from the masses.”

Anyway, as I realized I was old, really old, I decided writing about it is my next thing. Aging gaily. It’s fun. Really, it is. Being gay and getting older in this time and place. 2016. I mentioned my husband, Enrique. I have a husband! I got married! That’s a big deal. In the words of Vice-President Biden, “It’s a big fucking deal!” 

So, that’s where we start with this. The ups and downs of getting old in the gay world. So far, it’s mostly “ups.” I plan to make this a regular writing assignment. I’m doing it for me. You are welcome to read along.