The mom in the mirror

30 Apr

After my mom died, I was getting rid of all the stuff at our home in Paris, Texas. I gave a lot away. Sold a lot. Kept a few significant things. There was a mirror in my parent’s bathroom. Nothing particularly special about it, but it was the mirror they stood in front of everyday. For some reason, I kept it. Put it in storage. That’s where it has been. After Christmas, I decided I needed to clean out that storage unit. No way was I cramming those Christmas decorations back in there without cleaning it out. There was that mirror. It has just been sitting there. Time to donate it. Instead of getting rid of it, I put it against the wall in the garage. It’s been there for a few months. On my birthday, I decided to speak with a psychic. This woman had seen my mother in some readings with friends. I thought I should talk to her. One of the first things she said to me was she saw my mother in front of a mirror putting on lipstick. I told her about the mirror. She said not to get rid of it. I won’t. Now, it’s an important part of my life. I look in it every day and tell my parents hello. I know they are there watching. 

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