29 Dec

We came to Madrid on Christmas Day. What a beautiful trip. It’s cold, but not too cold. Cold enough though to feel like Christmas. Madrid is a bustling city. Lots to do. Lots to see. Lots and lots to eat. I’ve done lots of that. There is a gym in our hotel. I decided that it’s not a great gym. Just treadmills and free weights. Clearly, not enough equipment for working out. Hahaha! That’s going to be my excuse. Also, 2018 is coming. I can see it on the calendar. I’ll fix it in the new year. The Madrid trip is a nice way to close out 2017. An interesting year. A strange one. Politically. Professionally. I’m feeling the need for change. In both areas. The politics, I think, will take care of itself. The professional part is up to me. I think I’m there. Time to change things up. Change ’em big. What’s the new buzzword? Disruption. So, here’s to Madrid. Here’s to 2018. Let’s have some fun. Let’s give ’em something to talk about!

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