One more day to party

2 Jan

So, in Spain, the New Year’s Eve party continues into New Year’s Day. I did not know this. We left our hotel around mid-day. The streets were deserted. Stores closed. Restaurants open, but moving slowly. Our waiter proudly said to us, “I’m still high.” When asked what he was going to do about that, he said, “When I get off work, I’m going back to the party.” As the day wore on, the party resumed. We spent hours at a food hall. One of the restaurants had only olives. Glorious olives cut in half to make sandwiches with ham and cheese and anchovies. Amazing desserts to. Champagne was flowing. I love the attitude here. Not sure I can do it 365 days a year, but very nice for a couple of weeks. I’m just about ready to go home and face real life again. Miss the dogs terribly. But for a couple more days, I’m living like a Spaniard. My new friend said to me last night, “In Spain, we eat and drink. Then, do it again.” I can do that a few more days. I’ll fix it when I get back home.

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