5 Jan

My good friend Chad said, “There are worse places to be stuck.” As this monster winter storm named “Gregory” beats the hell out of the East Coast, we are stuck in Spain. New York is closed. We can’t get a flight out for two days. Yes, Chad, there are worse places to be stuck. Madrid is a beautiful city. After being here for a few days, I have noticed something about the people too. They take things much more slowly than we do back home. Dinner, even breakfast and lunch, tend to be an event to savor. The ham. The bread with tomatoes on top. The fried eggplant with honey, a personal favorite, are enjoyed slowly. The coffee is consumed at the table. Not in to-go cups. There is something to be said for all this. And that said, I’m ready to go home. Two extra days in Madrid is nice, but it’s time to go. Worse places to be stuck, indeed, but still stuck.

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