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Sunday morning.

30 Apr

I’ve become a big fan of Lewis Howes.  The guy just inspires me.  His book, “The School of Greatness” is my go-to book for being motivated.  His podcasts make me want to do great things.  A couple of times recently, Lewis has hit me square on in the head about not being perfect.  My biggest obstacle on making change in my life and trying something new is always making it perfect.  Getting it right out of the gate.  Lewis has convinced me that it’s not necessary.  Just doing it is necessary.  Do it.  Make it better.  Make it great.  We know it will never be perfect.  I’ve given myself a two year deadline to plan my next act.  I’ll be sixty.  My TV contract will be done.  It’s time to do something else.  Two years to do something new.  I think that’s a good time frame.  Two years to do something that’s fun and good.  Maybe even something that makes me some money.  Two years to do something that’s “not perfect.” Thanks, Lewis.  I’m on the clock!