Super Bowl Impeachment politics

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. I’ve got no skin in this game. Just don’t care. I’m watching though. After this week, I need mindless sports entertainment… with some very expensive commercials mixed in.

The week started with the loss of Kobe Bryant. I knew it was going to affect many, many people. I was not prepared for how many. Clearly, Kobe Bryant was a transformative man in life. He is in death too.

Then, the impeachment trial. Let’s face it. We knew where this was going. It ended as predicted. Now, what? A country more divided than it was. An upcoming election that promises to be as ugly as any in our history. Not looking forward to covering this one.

So, the Super Bowl. A day to put it all aside. Eat some bad food. Watch a game. Watch some commercials. Wait. Didn’t I hear Mike Bloomberg and Donald Trump bought ads? Ugh. Oh well, I do need bathroom breaks. Right?

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