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It’s become a real issue during the Pandemic of 2020. To wear a mask or not? For some people, it’s a proactive choice. For others, it’s a mandate. That’s where things get interesting.

California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a state order mandating citizens wear a face covering in public when social distancing is not possible. In an article in USA Today, the former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger says the decision is “100 percent the right move.”  He also says, “Anyone making it a political issue is an absolute moron who can’t read.”  That’s the Terminator talking.  Not me. Take it up with him.

As I write this, Florida is seeing a spike in Coronavirus cases. Record numbers this week. One report says Florida has all the makings of the next large epicenter.  There are myriad reasons why this could be: more testing, less social distancing, more people at the office… Covid 19 cases are on the rise.

Both Tampa and St. Petersburg are putting ordinances in place requiring citizens to wear face masks. As you might expect, there is a great civic divide over this issue (much like how everything else is an issue these days)…

I experienced this debate first hand last week. I was meeting some people at St. Pete Beach. I wore my face mask and headed to the coast. When I arrived at my destination and walked into the elevator, two couples behind me stepped up beside me. No one was wearing a mask.

To their credit, they asked if it was okay for them to ride in the elevator car with me, and I obliged. I wonder if I should have risked rudeness and said, no? Maybe…

On the ride up, one of the men said, “I tested positive today.” He was joking. The woman with him punched him. It was all very awkward and uncomfortable. I could not get out of that elevator fast enough!

Unlike Governor Schwarzenegger, I do believe wearing face masks has become a political issue. I’m not sure how or why, though.

I don’t like wearing my mask.  I think it’s hot and uncomfortable, and it fogs up my glasses. But… I’m still wearing it. Why? Because I believe it’s the right thing to do.

I have a lot of masks, too. Hospital-style, Gator-style, solids, polkadots, even a University of Oklahoma gator mask. It may be a bit much, but I like it. As we say, “Boomer, Sooner!”

I have a feeling we are going to be wearing masks for a long while. Like it or not, Coronavirus is not going away—not at least until we get a vaccine. Until then, we have to do what we can to keep it at bay.  This means social distancing, hand washing, and… face masks.

To mask or not to mask?  I don’t think it’s a question at all.

2 thoughts on “To mask or not to mask?”
  1. EXCELLENT!!!! Thank you I don’t think it is a question at all either. But then there is not the respect of others rights with the younger folks today as there is with the folks from our generation.

  2. I could never figure out in the beginning of this mess why they were saying masks weren’t necessary. If doctors and nurses needed them then why not all of us. It made zero sense to me and it seems I was proved correct. If they didn’t want us to buy up the supply they could have at least said make your own. Many of these “experts” are like my Granddad used to say “all brains and no sense”. I don’t think I’m showing my support for individual freedom by endangering myself or possibly others. That’s just being selfish. If you don’t wear a mask you are just being foolish.

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