Kanye Trump Wax Head Madame Tussauds

I was having a little writer’s block. Nothing was coming. Since starting this blog, I’ve tried to commit to three or four posts a week. It’s been easy… until now. Nothing.

Then, the alert came across my phone. From TMZ: Madame Tussaud’s Creates Clay Kanye Presidential Head, Just In Case.

Hahaha! Just in case!

So, this is where we are. Kanye West is only on the ballot in one state; Oklahoma. But, apparently, that’s enough for Madam Tussaud’s. You know what? That’s plenty for me, too. I mean, it’s just that kind of year, isn’t it?

But wait—it gets better. According to TMZ, Madam Tussaud’s does not have a Joe Biden head made. Not yet.

So, that’s where we are. Four months before the election. Rapper Kanye West has a wax head prepped and ready… Joe Biden does not.

It’s a Kardashian world, and we’re just living in it. Maybe it’s time we bought into it. It seems the joke is on us.

I watched that crazy interview that Chris Wallace did with President Trump. My biggest takeaway… if he loses the election in November, he might not accept the results. What does that mean? He won’t leave?

As for Joe Biden, where is he? President Trump trashed him in that interview. He should have come out of that basement he’s hiding in swinging.

Maybe that’s the strategy for the Biden campaign. Just let the President keep talking. Keep making his own negative press. He seems to be doing a fine job of losing on his own. Biden could just come out of his basement on November 4 asking, “Did I win?”

That’s what all this is starting to look like. Coronavirus has stopped everything in our lives. No one even knows what day it is anymore. Kanye West is running for president… What a world.

There’s a Stephen Sondheim lyric: “Tuesday, Thursday, April, August, Autumn, winter, next year, some year.”

The song goes on… “Time heals everything.” I hope Sondheim is right.

For now, we’re stuck. Watching this all play out. A Kanye head at Madam Tussaud’s…

Oh, wait! ANother alert across my phone: Fauci to throw out first pitch for Nationals-Yankees opener.

Yes! Something else to write about!

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