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As I write this, there is quiet the storm in the Caribbean. Isaias.

Not sure where it’s going or how bad it might be. The computer models are all over the place.

Here’s the thing… 2020 has been an active hurricane season already. Not to mention that here in Florida the Coronavirus is still spreading fast.

Together, the repercussions of these two event happening at the same time could be huge.

Already, Florida is shutting down Covid testing sites until the storm passes.

What if storm evacuations are necessary? It’s tough enough to get people to leave their homes under normal circumstances. Can you imagine now? Who wants to go to a shelter with the threat of Coronavirus? I don’t. Wearing a mask constantly? Ugh.

I’m in a unique profession. During hurricanes, most people can leave for someplace safe. We news people head toward them.

In my case, I’m head to the studio for the duration of the storm. I’m old now. Too old to stand out in the wind and rain.

The last time we went through a hurricane threat, our building was full of people. All working twelve hour shifts. We were sleeping in offices all over this building. Now, our building is empty. Most are working from home.

But I’m still in the building. At the TV station. So if the storm comes, I’ll bring my blow up bed and my sleeping bag to work. It’s not a lot of fun, but it’s what I have to do.

If there is anything positive in all this, I think people are prepared with supplies. When the pandemic started, everyone hit the grocery store like a hurricane was coming. I’ll never forget that Saturday at Publix. It was crazy. I’m still stocked on the basics. So, at least I’m ahead of the game this year.

The only thing I need… Oreos. I can’t go into a hurricane without Oreos. It’s timing when to eat them that’s tough. You gotta time it just right. You can’t let them run out in the middle of the storm.

In my case, they usually run out before the thing even hits.

Let’s hope I don’t need them. But… I’m going to the store today anyway. For Oreos. Need me to pick up anything?

One thought on “Pandemics and Hurricanes”
  1. Sounds like a glamorous life, Mr. Rhodes. Sleeping in your (obviously fancy) office building on an air mattress, while your friends, family and puppies are having hurricane cocktails in their comfortable homes and sleep in their own beds. You’ve clearly made the big time, sir. One would think that a “uh-um” year TV personality might be pampered and catered to. Yet, you have to obtain your own oreos and drag your own air mattress up the elevator to work for the next 3 days straight. Kinda outrageous. Somehow, I don’t think Jennifer Aniston or Oprah have to bring their own oreos and work long weekends. Maybe something you should bring up at the next contract negotiation. Tell them you’d like to add the ‘oreo clause’ to this next one….LOL. All kidding aside, if it helps, seeing your familiar face in our living room during difficult or uncertain (I hate that word now) times, is a really big comfort for us. Even when the news is not groovy, you manage to give us a smile. My husband even laughs with you. Thank you for hanging in and delivering the news and your quick wit to us for the past ‘several’ years. (actual #’s not necessary) Glad you’re here. Try to get some rest and we’ll see you in the morning.

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