Delta Airlines Flight

Okay, so I’m taking a little vacation. Getting on a plane for the first time since January.

The first time since the Covid pandemic started.

It started at the Tampa International Airport. The trip through the terminal was a bit strange. It’s a holiday weekend, which may have made it a bit busier than usual, but still nothing like the old days before Coronavirus. Very few stores and restaurants open. It’s early in the morning though. I wonder if it gets busier later in the day?

I just took my seat on the Delta flight to Atlanta. There, we connect to Los Angeles. You know what they say, “In the Southeast, if you are going to heaven or hell, you gotta change planes in Atlanta.”

So far, so good. All masked up and ready for the flight.

A lot has changed too. No touching. Your credit card and driver’s license are inserted in readers. Chairs are spaced out. They are taking the new precautions seriously.

Delta is boarding from the back of the plane. I’ve always heard that is a better way to do it. Now, we get to see for real. I think it is more efficient.

The flight attendant couldn’t be nicer. We are all appropriately socially distanced.

You know, this isn’t so bad. I was a bit nervous. I will say, and it’s early on in the day and the trip, but Delta seems to be doing this right.

Now, on to Atlanta. I’ll let you know how that goes.

The trip to Atlanta was great. The Atlanta airport was busy, but everyone is playing by the rules.

Just got on the plane to Los Angeles.

I think this entry may start sounding like a commercial for Delta Airlines, but I can’t help it. These people are doing a great job.

Ok. Leaving soon. Talk in LA.

Arrived in Los Angeles. California is, I think, taking things more seriously than Florida.

Just got off the plane. So far, so good. I feel like I can relax a bit now. It’s supposed to be really hot here over the next few days. Reminds me of home.

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