Election 2020

Okay, I tried. I really did. I tried to watch the Joe Biden town hall, the Donald Trump town hall and the Rays game. All at the same time.

What will surprise most of my friends about that statement is not that I attempted to watch all three—but that I watched the Rays game.

Brah, I love the Tampa Bay Rays!

So here’s how it went…

The town halls. Joe Biden and George Stephanopoulos. Donald Trump and Savannah Guthrie.

You know, as messy as this is, it might be better than an actual debate. At least, you are getting some real answers this time. Remember the last one?

Crap! The Rays just lost!

Back to the town halls, Joe Biden is being allowed to talk. Donald Trump is facing some tough questions—from the voters. Savannah is being pretty tough, too. Stephanopoulos is doing a good job with follow ups.

It’s unfortunate that these town halls are happening at the same time. NBC is taking some flak for this. ABC scheduled first. NBC came in next. I hate it that people are having to choose which one to watch… if they are watching at all.

President Trump, on his own, is a good talker. A good salesman. He’s doing what he has to do. The Trump town hall is over.

Biden has thirty more minutes to go. I’m there now.

Joe Biden has a grasp of things. If you are worried about his mental state, he’s proving he still has it.

It’s over. The takeaway here. Both Trump and Biden had their say. Both did what they do best. Were any minds changed? Probably not.

We’re a few weeks away from this election. Many have already voted. Some are still making up their minds. This is a rough, ugly time in America. I started this post by saying “too much to watch.” But now I’m realizing something. I gotta focus.

It’s over. The takeaway.

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