Trump Impeachment

One of my favorite political “thinkers” weighed in on what happened in Washington last week.

Peggy Noonan of Meet the Press said we are in a crises; President Trump should be impeached; he breached the Constitution.

She goes on: “President Trump, at this point, he simply deserves exceptional dishonor and a second impeachment would be an exceptional dishonor.”

Exceptional dishonor. Powerful words.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does seem to be moving ahead with impeachment.

On “60 Minutes,” Pelosi said, “The person who is running the Executive Branch is a deranged, dangerous President of the United States and only a number of days until we can be protected from him. But he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him.”

Even if the House does approve articles of impeachment, the Senate is not likely to take it up. At least not now.

The thought now is to wait until President-elect Biden takes office.

The Washington Post outlines what this process might be like with its piece: “Pelosi moves forward on impeaching Trump.”

The issue seems to be one of timing. There’s not a lot of time left in the Trump presidency. The House could get it done quickly, but could the Senate even hold a trial?

There’s another possibility: impeach President Trump after he leaves office. When, though? And would President Biden want that distraction during the early days of his administration?

One thing is clear. We won’t have all the answers by Inauguration Day, January 20.

On a personal note, it does give me great pleasure to see some of these thugs now in jail. The one that put his feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk, the one that took the lectern, the one with the horns… more arrests are on the way, too.

I say, Round ‘em up!

A lot of hurt happened in our country last week. President Trump is being blamed for stoking the flames of hate. We won’t get past this for a long time—long after the Trump presidency ends.

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