Biden inauguration

So, here we are. Joe Biden’s big day. From President-elect to President.

It’s been a bumpy ride getting here, but we are here. Let us just hope it all goes off well and peacefully.

The lead up has been something. The unprecedented security presence in Washington signals no trouble will be tolerated.

For their part, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are determined to not allow the threats stop the transition of power.

The way they honored those lost to the Covid pandemic on Tuesday was powerful. NBC News reports 400 lights were placed along the perimeter of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Each one represented one thousand people lost to Coronavirus.

The President-elect said, “To heal, we must remember.”

There were 143 last minute pardons and commutations from President Trump. Among them, Steve Bannon and Lil Wayne. Joe Exotic did not get one. At least not as I write this. He’s still hoping, though. A limo is parked outside his prison just in case.

President Trump comes to Florida today. It should be interesting to see what he does next. I think we know he will not go gently into retirement.

Back to Coronavirus for a minute. The numbers are frightening and expected to get worse. President Biden will ask us all to wear masks for a hundred days. It seems reasonable.

In Florida, Governor DeSantis is cracking down on Covid vaccine tourism. Apparently, people are coming to Florida to get the vaccine—even if they don’t live here. The governor says that party is over.

“You got to live here… full time or at least part time,” he said. It seems like the only fair way to do it.

I’m hoping we will get time to heal. Heal from Coronavirus. Heal from all this anger.

We are a nation sick, hurting and divided. Many people voted for Joe Biden—many didn’t. That’s okay. Let’s give him chance. He’s got more to deal with than most presidents coming into office.

I’m hoping he’s the right person at the right time.

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