Oprah interview Meghan Markle Prince Harry

Well, did you watch it? Don’t say, “Did I watch what?” You know. The interview. Oprah and Harry and Meghan. I’ll say this. It delivered. Lived up to the hype.

A few takeaways. Meghan Markle did not have a good go of it during her time in the Royal Family. She talked of a lack of acceptance, racism directed at her son, and how it all affected her mental health.

Harry talked about how he did not want a repeat of what had happened to his mother.

Oprah was, well, Oprah. My biggest takeaway is that, too. Oprah. Nobody does it better. She can get you to talk without making it feel uncomfortable. I miss Oprah.

Shifting gears…

We are close to a Covid relief deal. The Senate passed an amended version over the weekend. It goes back to the House now. The President will sign it. Stimulus checks will be on the way soon. Unemployment benefits, too.

I cannot stress the significance of this. I think this is how President Biden will be remembered. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t start with this.

Finally, how quickly things can change… Governor Andrew Cuomo. He’s circling the wagons. It probably won’t be enough to save him.

The sexual harassment scandal is growing. The investigation of how he handled Covid in New York nursing homes continues. Nothing here looks good.

Calls for the New York Governor to resign are growing. He says he won’t. Says stepping down would be “anti-democratic.” Uh? Stay tuned on this one. It should be an interesting week.

That’s where I start the week. With Oprah, Harry, Meghan, Joe and a Cuomo. None of this is over. Stay tuned.

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