SpaceX Dragon

It’s been a week. A lot of news. Let’s start with some more space news.


We have lift off!

Twice this week, I have written about successful space missions. This morning, NASA and Space X launched four astronauts into space.

It was a spectacular sight. The Crew-2 blasted off from the Cape on a Space X Dragon capsule. I’m a space geek, and to watch that happen always thrills me.

One of those astronauts is Meghan McArthur. She’s married to Bob Behnken. He was on that first test flight of the Crew Dragon. Bob of “Bob and Doug.” According to the Washington Post, McArthur sat in the same seat as Behnken did for the ride up. How cool is that?!

Earlier in the week, the helicopter on Mars had its first successful flight. Then, yesterday, Ingenuity did it again. Higher, longer and more complex than the first flight on Monday. More are planned.

President Biden

You have to say this… President Biden isn’t afraid of going big. The president called global warming an economic opportunity and wants to cut emissions in half by 2030.

From the New York Times… during a virtual summit with 40 world leaders, President Biden said, “This is a moral imperative, an economic imperative. A moment of peril, but also a moment of extraordinary possibilities.”

On a personal note…

Finally, I’m ready for a weekend. The news just doesn’t let up. I’m not watching any TV or reading any papers until Monday… Okay, Sunday. My friend Chris Wallace is celebrating 25 years of Fox News Sunday. Gotta watch that. But that’s it. Really.

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