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During the Covid pandemic, I learned that I like watching movies at home. I also learned what I’m willing to pay to see a new movie at home. About $20 dollars.

Now, I’m wondering what it would take to get me back into a movie theatre? I may have my answer.

“In the Heights.” The reviews are great. Some critics say it’s a movie that needs to be seen in an actual movie theatre.

Rotten Tomatoes gives it 97% on its Tomatometer. A 95% audience score. Looks like it’s gonna be a hit.

Am I ready for that? To sit in a real movie theatre among real people? Maybe. I’m such a Lin-Manuel Miranda fan. “In the Heights” is a joyous look at the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City.

Miranda did “In the Heights” before his hit “Hamilton.” I love both of them.

Slowly, I’m feeling like life is getting back to normal. Movies. Vacations. Spending. Consumer prices rose sharply in May. The CPI was up 5%. CNBC says that’s higher than economists had expected. It also appears to be temporary. Pent-up demand and supply chain issues seem to be the reason.

We do seem to be ready to spend money. Post-pandemic mentality. We’re trading in our yoga pants for dress clothes.

Pent-up travel demand, too. The TSA is having trouble keeping up. Fox Business is reporting that it expects labor shortages at more than 100 airports. Now, more than ever, get to the airport early.

It’s the weekend. I’m ready for it. Ready to sleep and try to stay cool. It’s summer in Florida. Maybe a nice air conditioned movie theatre will be part of my weekend plans.

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