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There’s an interesting story in the Washington Post. “Shifting Economy Leaves Americans in Limbo.” Could this have anything to do with the fact that we can’t find any sugar free Vitamin Water?

The Post’s story details how post-pandemic the economy seems to have changed.

“What Americans are encountering is almost unrecognizable from just 16 months ago. Prices are up. Housing is scarce. It takes months longer than normal to get furniture, appliances and numerous parts delivered. And there is a great dislocation between millions of unemployed workers and millions of vacant jobs.”

Yeah, things are different. So much so, that no one seems to know the direction the economy is going. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged as much saying, “This is an extraordinarily unusual time. And we really don’t have a template or any experience of a situation like this.”

It doesn’t take a Fed Chairman to know that things just aren’t right. I filled the car with gas. It was close to empty. It just kept filling. $80. I’ve never paid that much for gas.

The grocery store aisles are different, too. There just doesn’t seem to be enough of everything.

That brings me to the Vitamin Water. Specifically, Vitamin Water XXX Zero Sugar. I can’t find any. We can’t find any.

First of all, I don’t drink it. My husband does. He drinks it like it’s water. Well, I guess it is. Since I’m the grocery shopper in the household, I buy the Vitamin Water.

During the pandemic, it was sometimes hit or miss. The last few weeks though, none to be found.

I’ve been such a disappointing failure at finding this that the husband is now involved. One night last week, Enrique went to multiple grocery stores. He even hit a Wal-Mart. No Vitamin Water XXX.

Next stop, Amazon. It was there, but it was expensive. The next thing I knew, some big boxes were at our front door. All the Vitamin Water XXX in the world is now at our house.

I guess these inflation/supply chain issues have hit us in a very strange way. It’s affecting Vitamin Water.

I’ll try to find it one more time today. I need to pick up a few things at the grocery store anyway.

…Wait. What? I just checked Amazon. A Prime Day miracle! A 24 pack of Vitamin Water XXX is now $19.92. I gotta go!

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