Building collapse

By now, you have seen the pictures of the condo collapse in South Florida. “Like a stack of pancakes.” That’s how I have heard several describe the way the building collapsed on itself.

The Washington Post reports the collapse happened in less than thirty seconds.

If you have seen the security camera video of the collapse, you are reminded of how the World Trade Center came down. Then, it was a terror attack. This time, still no idea why it happened?

So much speculation on how, though. Roof repairs. Nearby construction. Sinking foundation. We will eventually know, but right now the priority is the search for the missing. As I write this, more than 150 people are still unaccounted for. Four are now confirmed dead.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like to experience it. Being in there when that building went down. I just saw photos of some of the missing. Heartbreaking.

Our reporter at the scene says the rescue effort continued all night. The weather did not cooperate. To make matters worse, dust from the debris is filling the air.

On another note…

Some good news now. Somehow, someway, the White House struck a deal with a group of bipartisan senators on infrastructure. I can’t believe I just wrote that word. Bipartisan. I guess we can agree on things when we have to.

It’s a trillion dollar deal. Not everyone got everything they wanted, but everyone got something. Isn’t that how government is supposed to work?

It’s Friday. The weekend is here. I’m ready for a few days off. I know those rescuers in Wouth Florida would like a break too. Unfortunately, that’s not happening. Heroic what they are doing. I’m hoping for some miracles.

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