Dear New York

Dear New York,

That’s how the “Love Letter to New York” from Bergdorf Goodman begins. The full page ad was in the New York Times on Sunday.

Bergdorf goodman letter

It’s lovely. Just lovely. “Seeing you anew, you simply shine. The artful spiral of the Guggenheim.” It ends with “You have been our home for 122 years—and we still find magic at every turn.”

Is it an ad for Bergdorf’s? Of course, it is. It’s something more, too. It’s a sign that we have made it through the Covid pandemic. Our losses are terrible. Some who did survive will never be the same. In a way, we are all changed.

We are starting to get our footing again. Ready to live life again. You can see it everywhere.

It was the last weekend of Pride month. Great to see the celebrating from New York to St. Petersburg.

As Gary Janetti wrote on Instagram, “Happy Pride. And we’re not all hairdressers or interior designers. We have one football player now.” Hahaha!

Not all the news is good. The search continues for the victims of the Surfside condo collapse. The Washington Post is reporting that families are losing hope of finding their loved ones.

Pablo Rodriguez’ mother and grandmother were in the building when it collapsed. He told the Post, “I have hope that they will find something so that we can give them a proper burial, get some kind of closure. That’s about it. I don’t have any hope that they’re going to find them alive and that I’m going to actually be able to see them or speak to them again.”

I can’t imagine losing someone like that. The not knowing. The possibility that you may never know.

For now though, there is still hope. Hope that they will still find someone. 152 people are still missing.

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