Ending a spectacular vacation today. Starting the trip home.

We saw Montana and Colorado. Just amazing views to behold, and wonderful air to breathe.

I watched from afar the news out of Tampa Bay. Two big stories. The tropical storm/hurricane and the Lightning winning the Stanley Cup.

As for Elsa, I know, I know. It was much ado about nothing. With that said, what if it hadn’t been for naught?Fortunately, we once again “dodged the bullet.” (For the record, I hate that phrase. I’m only using it here for context.) Someday, we won’t be so lucky. That’s why the news outlets make a big deal out of approaching storms.

Can you imagine if we didn’t and the thing really did hit us?

I promise you that news people get as stressed about hurricanes as everyone else. What makes us different is that while others have to leave their homes, we have to stay and head straight for the storm.

I’m old enough now to be inside on a news set when things happen. That wasn’t always the case. I’ve stood out in hurricanes. I’ve done the Dan Rather bit of holding on to a tree. I don’t miss those days at all.

Also for the record, we are not in bed with Home Depot or Lowe’s to hype a storm.

The other big story, the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup back-to-back. It really is a remarkable achievement.

Now, I’m not a big hockey fan. Honestly, I don’t understand most of it. My good friend Jen Epstein is the biggest fan I know. She has to explain it to me. Jen is definitely part of “The Thunder.”

I did watch that last game, though. I watched from a friends house in Aspen. Fun. Exhilarating. Stressful.

I guess the big question now is what happens to the cup during the boat parade? Do they let Tom Brady get his hands on it? From what I know of the history of the Stanley Cup, it’s seen a lot worse than the bottom of Hillsborough Bay. The thing still shines though. But nevertheless, he has been warned about throwing it.

I watched both of these stories from the sidelines. You know what? It’s okay. Just reading about them is huge for me.

In previous years, I would have cut a vacation short to get back to work. Not anymore. I found balance.

Is it my age? Probably. Is it that I know it will all still be there when I get back to work next week? Definitely. These days, the news cycle just keeps going. Even the quiet summer is no longer quiet in the news business.

That alarm will go off on Monday morning. 2:30. I’ll hit the snooze until about 2:45. Then, I’m back at it for another day.

It’s been a great vacation. Now, back to the news.

2 thoughts on “On The Sidelines… And That’s Okay”
  1. I enjoy your blogs tremendously! I have missed you on the morning news, but glad you took a much needed vacation.
    See you Monday morning ??

  2. A great response to the sad ending of a wonderful holiday. (I’m not so lucky yet. Still trying to accept I lost my husband of 60 years in August. Yes almost a year, but can still cry at a thought. Hope that part gets betters. So glad you’re happy and have balanced your life. I’ve asked myself why does it take so long to get to that point when we are reasonably intelligent peoples. Safe trip home please … look forward to see you on Monday, and whoever else has vacationed out. I miss my little chickies when they are not in their places. Been with all of you since Salty Saul? and you’re still the best! LAofY

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