We should find out soon if the FDA will recommend Covid booster shots. The White House is encouraging it, but the FDA is an independent agency.

An FDA advisory committee is set to vote on whether a Pfizer booster shot is necessary right now for the general population.

CNN has a great piece that asks if Americans actually need a booster? It comes down to two questions: Is immunity waning? Will boosters restore it?

The second question is easier to answer. Most studies show that a third dose of Pfizer or Moderna… or a second dose of J-and-J turbocharge the production of antibodies.

The other question is not so easily answered. “Is immunity waning?” The Covid vaccines are designed to reduce hospitalizations and deaths. CNN’s Dr. Leana Wen says this: “What not everybody would agree to is the second thing, which I believe, that the point of vaccination is to also reduce the level of infection.”

I take all this to mean… the Covid vaccines work. Are they effective enough to still work without a booster? The FDA has to figure that out.

The World Health Organization is against boosters for right now. Obvious reason. While wealthier nations are vaccinated, the rest of the world still waits.

Another thing to note here… Covid hospitalizations in Florida continue to decline. 10,247 cases across the state. Down 700 from Tuesday. Finally, some good news.

Not so good news now. The supply chain. Nothing is getting where it needs to be in a timely way.

From Bloomberg, the pandemic has put the supply chain in a tailspin. Everything that comes from someplace else has slowed down.

Another issue here, the truck driver shortage. Many drivers retired early because of the pandemic. Now, they are even considering lowering the minimum age for truck drivers.

The takeaway here. If you need a job, consider driving a truck. If you see something you want and need, buy it now. If you are a Christmas shopping procrastinator, change your ways. That perfect gift may not be there on December 24th. That perfect gift may not be on sale as we get closer to Christmas.

Let’s start the weekend. 99 days until Christmas. I’m headed to the mall to do a little shopping. Jingling all the way.

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  1. While overall this bias indeeds exists, there are other reasons behind each case…especially this one..that make it interesting enough to warrant such coverage. The idea brian returned without her and family lawyered up so quickly..their social media presence etc. Then the PUBLIC response and interest also plays a part. Not all missing persons have such juicy circumstances surrounding their case.

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