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It’s the day before Thanksgiving. As much as we would like to think things are returning to normal, they aren’t. I’ve begun to believe they might not ever be.

Some things do look like the old days. People are traveling. Flying. Driving. The airports are packed. The roads are busy. “Over the river and through the woods” is a lot more complicated than it used to be. Let’s just hope the airlines are up to it.

The White House is tapping into the nation’s strategic petroleum reserves. Will that be enough to lower gas prices at the pump? President Biden says it will help lower prices eventually.

“Triple A” says more of us a driving somewhere this Thanksgiving. A Fox News poll however, reports 72 percent of registered voters say higher gas prices are causing hardships.

I remember the days when Black Friday was the day you lined up early in the morning to start your Christmas shopping. Then, stores started opening on Thanksgiving.
Online shopping came along and upended everything.

The pandemic changed things even more. Now, Black Friday seems like such an old way of doing things. I’ve been getting emails about holiday deals for weeks. My shopping is almost done.

In many ways, I have become my mother. Phoebe used to start her Christmas shopping in January. She hid things all over the house. By the time Christmas came around, she forgot what she had bought and where it all was. It was always a big joke in our house. Now, I’m doing the same thing.

I’m ready for the holidays, I think. I feel better about things. Still cautious though. I see Covid surging in many places. This long holiday weekend should be a good indicator of where we are. Fingers crossed and Happy Thanksgiving.

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