I’m sure this fight is going to get worse. Vladimir Putin has gone this far. He’s not going to back down. You can certainly tell however, Putin has his hands full.

There is the Ukrainian man that stood in front of a tank. He stopped it… until they moved him out of the way. He actually kneeled in front of that tank.

Then, there is another Ukrainian man who drove upon a broken down Russian tank on the side of the road. He offered to tow the tank. To Russia. The Russian tank operator could only laugh.

The New York Times is reporting in it’s “The Morning” section that the start of the war has gone poorly for Russia. Experts are worried about what happens next.

Fox News reports there is a forty mile convoy of Russian tanks and other military vehicles headed to Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv.

Still, you can only be impressed with the resolve of the Ukrainian people. They are standing firm. The rest of the world is standing with them.

Even historically neutral places are standing with Ukraine. Sweden announced it will send 5,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine.

Switzerland has even joined in. It doesn’t do that. Ever. The Swiss government announced on Monday it will join the European Union in it’s sanctions against Russia. There is a lot of Russian money in Swiss banks.

NBC News reports that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has done one positive thing. It has strengthened Europe.

“It’s the rebirth of a new Europe,” said Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia. “I’m absolutely shocked, I want to tell you honestly. It’s a historic shift. I think this will have major consequences moving forward for the future of Europe, for the future of the transatlantic alliance, for the future of NATO — just when all of those things were fraying.” (Source NBC News)

This thing is far from over. It’s likely to get a lot worse. It should be interesting to see how President Biden addresses it tonight in his State of the Union address.

For now though, we continue to watch for what happens next. We stand with Ukraine. Quite proudly, we are all Ukrainian.

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