Later on this morning, I’m hoping to talk to an old friend. Greg Kehoe. He’s a Tampa attorney. Greg has also traveled the world prosecuting and defending in international tribunals for war crimes. He led the team that advised the Iraqi special tribunal formed to prosecute Saddam Hussein. Gregory Kehoe is a big deal.

I’m going to ask Greg about the criteria for war crimes and genocide. It sure looks like it in Ukraine, but is it? If tried, would Vladimir Putin need to be there? Would it happen at The Hague in the Netherlands?

Lots to talk about. I’ve been stewing about it all night. If you’re near at television at 9am, please watch.

The Kremlin is saying that Russia has suffered significant losses of troops during its military operation in Ukraine. In an interview with British broadcaster Sky, the Russian Defense Minister says the loss is “a huge tragedy for us.” He also said they are “doing their best to bring an end” to the operation in Ukraine.

Really? Multiple sources are reporting of an attack at an eastern Ukraine train station. Civilians. The Ukrainian Defense Minister calls it an attack of war criminals.

The Associated Press is reporting that Ukrainian leaders are predicting more gruesome discoveries in the days ahead after Russian forces retreated. Crushed buildings. Destroyed cars. Mounting civilian casualties.

President Zelensky says, “Even more victims of the Russian occupiers.”

It’s looking more and more like Vladimir Putin and his troops are guilty of war crimes. I’m no expert. I’ll be talking to one, Greg Kehoe, later this morning. I’ll let you know.

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