I guess I’ll always refer to Texas as home. As I think about it, I’ve been away now longer than I lived there. Certainly, away from my hometown of Paris, Texas. I left there for college. Never really came back except to visit family and friends.

Now, here I am. Back in Texas. It’s a strange feeling. Because of the pandemic, I haven’t been back in over two years. That’s a long time for me to be away.

I wrote earlier that I planned to mask up for the flight. Not so much for me, but for some people I was visiting. Not in the best health.

Let me say this. The masks were few at the airport. Even fewer on the flight.

I admit to be a bit of a Covid hypochondriac. I’m vaxxed and some might say “over boosted.” That’s just me. So far, so good.

So, I’ve spent two days here. Lord, it’s a big state! I have forgotten how long it takes to get anywhere.

From DFW airport, I drove to Granbury outside Fort Worth. Crazy traffic here. Aggressive drivers too.

Worth it all. Saw some old friends. As much like family as anything. It was a great night.

Then, up early to Dallas. Another few hours of driving. I love Dallas. Growing up, it was “the big city” we always traveled to. Now, Dallas really is a big city!

Spending the night here and just enjoying myself before heading home to Paris. I’ll let you know how things go.

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  1. Hope you enjoy your time off. Stay safe and look forward to see you back with the team. ???!

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