A few days away from the news is good for the soul. Okay, I’m never completely away, but I was not immersed in it.

I’m a news producer’s worst nightmare, by the way. Always texting and calling to say, “Hey, did you see this? It just popped up on my phone.”

Anyway, what did I miss while in Texas?

Dr. Fauci says we are moving out of the pandemic phase of Covid. Cases have dropped dramatically. That said, Fauci says this is no reason to think it’s over. This next phase is called an endemic.

Here’s something to think about. Two-thirds of Americans have been infected. And… 83 percent of those five and up have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Now, Dr. Fauci says Covid variants can still emerge and vaccines will need to be updated.

I’m taking this as good news. Finally, the end of this thing. Fingers crossed.

To the war in Ukraine now. Russia has suspended natural gas shipments to Poland and Bulgaria. Leaders in the European Union call it an attempt to use gas as blackmail.

Overnight, explosions were heard across the Ukrainian border in Belgorod, Voronezh and Kursk. That leads some to believe that war may spread to other parts of Ukraine.

This is not ending anytime soon.

In the middle of all this, some rare cooperation between the United States and Russia. Russia just released a Marine veteran in exchange for a convicted Russian drug dealer arrested in the U.S.

I’m away a few days and the news keeps going.

Hold on a second. News alert on my phone. From the Washington Post: “Moderna seeks emergency use of its coronavirus vaccine for children under the age of six.”

I wonder if my producers have seen this? I gotta go.

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