Heading into the weekend, I realize the news has been busy and all over the place this week.

I was just looking at my blog posts. The sad loss of Naomi Judd. The leak of the Supreme Court draft that would overturn Roe v. Wade. The political fallout of that decision. The staggering number of Covid deaths in this country and how other countries have probably undercounted their deaths.

That’s just what I wrote about. What I didn’t get to…

The war in Ukraine. The sad story continues. “Fighting ‘til the end.” That’s the word from troops as they refuse to surrender to Russian forces in Mariupol.

A few thousand fighters are still hiding in the maze of tunnels under a steel plant. The New York Times is reporting that an evacuation convoy to rescue 200 civilians still in that steel plant.

Here’s something interesting from the Times. American intelligence officials appear to have helped Ukrainian forces find and strike that flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet in April.

First Lady Jill Biden is headed to Eastern Europe to visit with refugees displaced by the war.

It is likely to be a rough weekend. Russia wants to be able to claim victory in Ukraine on Monday. That’s Russia’s Victory Day holiday. The annual celebration of the Soviet defeat of Nazi Germany. (Funny how the tables have turned for that. The Russians are the invaders now.)

Amnesty International now says it has documented extensive war crimes by Russia’s military including arbitrary executions, bombings of communities and torture.

One thing I will not be writing about is Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Just not.

Like I said, it’s been a week. The news was all over the place.

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