The alert from CNBC came early this morning. “Elon Musk says Twitter deal cannot move forward until he has clarity on bot numbers.”

The discrepancy here seems to be over spam or bot accounts. Twitter says it’s fewer than 5%. Musk estimates that 20% are fake or spam accounts. That, according to Musk, is why his $44 billion dollar purchase of Twitter cannot move forward.

It was on Friday that Musk announced he was putting his purchase of Twitter “on hold.” I thought then, maybe he’s just messing with us.

Elon Musk is super rich. According to Forbes, he’s the richest person in the world. He’s smart. He’s funny. Yeah, I think the world is his and we are just allowed to live in it.

I used to think this very thing about Mark Zuckerberg. Then, Jeff Bezos. Now, it’s Elon.

Know this. I’m okay with this, really. I can’t even begin to compete at his level. I can’t even tweet as well as Elon… much less buy it.

What though if you are among the super rich? The brainiacs? Do you sit around and think of ways to take down Elon Musk?

If so, I think it’s a fruitless endeavor. I mean, Elon Musk has even taken on the Russian space program.

Remember back in March when Russia announced it would stop selling rocket engines to the U.S.? Russia said we would have to get to space on broomsticks.

Musk tweeted “American Broomstick” and four U.S. flags pointing to SpaceX’s rocket launch hours after Russia’s comment. Hahaha!

I started thinking though. Where did Elon Musk actually come from? This planet? Another one? Another galaxy? Did he survive shooting through that black hole we just confirmed was actually there?

Turns out Elon Musk was born in South Africa. He went to college at the University of Pennsylvania. He’s an American citizen.

Wait. I just found this at Wikipedia: When Musk was a child, his adenoids were removed because doctors suspected that he was deaf, but his mother later decided that he was thinking “in another world.”

Another world. So, there it is, Elon Musk was always on a different level. Maybe a higher one.

Elon has made money. Lots of money. PayPal. Tesla. Space-X.

Fortune reports that Musk’s civil engineering firm, the Boring Company, will begin full scale testing of its Hyperloop design. It’s a theoretical form of transportation that would move people across long distances through low pressure tubes. The pods would travel 760 miles an hour.

As crazy as that sounds, would you bet against Elon Musk at this point?

Yep, it’s Elon’s world. I’m just living in it. In a Hyperloop going 760 miles an hour.

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