It’s our last day in Venice. About to start the long trip back to Florida.


A couple of thoughts. It’s been hot here. Really hot. I know it’s been hot in the U.S., but it’s been hot in Italy too. Every city. Rome. Florence. Venice. I guess this is the new normal. Hot.

The heat never stopped us. We sweated and kept going. Enjoying the view. Maybe that’s my biggest observation. The view. Learn to enjoy it.

We toured tons of museums. While the art was always incredible, it was the look outside that always got to me. The look out the window.

Here’s just some of what I saw.

And that’s just a few. (I’m so glad that I learned how to add images to my blog.)

My other big takeaway from here… and I’ll admit I buried the lead… He said yes!

My husband of ten years, Enrique Crespo, did something incredible. He planned a renewal of our vows on a gondola.

All I was told going into this, “It’s a surprise.” I knew nothing. I did start wondering when the guy at the other end of the gondola started playing the violin.

I’m leaving Italy refreshed and recommitted. It’s been a good trip. A great one, really. The view from here? Perfect.

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  1. Congratulations! Soo happy for you!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with us. I don’t love Fox but I do love you and your fellow 13ers. Safe travels home!!

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