No surprise here. Liz Cheney lost her Wyoming primary yesterday. She lost big. No surprise there either. The question now… what’s she gonna do next?

There’s talk of a presidential run. If so, she seemed to kick it off during her concession speech last night.

Wouldn’t that be something? A woman who could not win re-election to Congress in her own state decides to run on a national ticket.

It might happen. Here’s what Cheney said in her concession speech: “This primary election is over, but now the real work begins.”

By now, you know that Liz Cheney is one of former President Trump’s most vocal critics. She leads the committee in Congress investigating President Trump’s role in the January 6th attack on the Capitol.

Cheney also said last night: “No citizen of this republic is a bystander. We cannot abandon the truth and be a free nation.”

Cheney has been Trump’s number one target to take down this election season. He accomplished that yesterday.

The Republican Party is still the party of Trump. Whether or not he runs for president again, he’s a kingmaker.

The New York Times reports that President Trump is the “rare defeated president to wield enormous sway over his party.” So far, the success rate of his endorsements in competitive elections is around 80 percent. That sounds pretty impressive to me.

Liz Cheney has said blocking Donald Trump’s return to the White House is her most important task.

We are still two years away from the next Presidential election. Trump? Cheney? DeSantis? That’s just on the Republican side.

What about the Democrats? Will Joe Biden run again? If so, will he face an opponent in his own party? Who could that be?

Lots of questions here. No answers. This we know. The next two years are gonna be rough in politics. Buckle up.

One thought on “Not going down without a fight.”
  1. My problem with the “Trumpers” is they are all too willing to go toward ‘Authoritarianism” or a “Dictatorship”, which is not that far from “Fascisim”. All of those are anything but a Democracy. I want to be Governed not Ruled. And the only one I want to be faithful, true to and believe in is God and trump is not God even though there are those who worship him as if he is.

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