I’ll admit that I have been pretty immersed in the coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth. My television stayed with the BBC for most of the weekend.

It was surprising to me then when the alert came across my phone. Ukrainian troops were gaining ground and Russian troops were retreating.

Reuters reports that Ukrainian forces are continuing their moves even today. Going deeper into territory that was once held by Russian forces in northeastern Ukraine.

More than twenty towns recaptured. Ukrainian citizens are joyous. Many seeing daylight for the first time after hiding in basements for months.

Just think about it. The once mighty and feared Russian army pushed back on its heels. Abandoning equipment.

The New York Times talks about how this is creating a political challenge for Vladimir Putin. It undercuts the image of competence and might that he has worked for years to build.

As for how all this is playing in Russia, state television calls the retreat of Russian forces in Ukraine a “regrouping operation.”

The Times talks about how Putin now finds himself presiding over a six month war that does not seem to be ending.

The scary part of this to me is what might Putin do to regain the upper hand in Ukraine. He’s got chemical and nuclear weapons. A crazy leader will resort to crazy things.

For now though, Ukrainians are celebrating a major victory. Pushing the Russians back.

When might all this end, no one knows. There’s no end in sight.

What we do know is that Vladimir Putin badly judged the resolve of the Ukrainian and President Volodymyr Zelensky. When this atrocity is finally over, that’s how history will remember this war.

History will also remember what an incompetent leader Vladimir Putin was.

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