I’m still stuck watching the BBC. I guess I will be doing that until the Queen’s funeral on Monday.

It really has been something to see. The thousands of people lining up to pay their respects.

She arrives in London tomorrow. Fox News is reporting that authorities are warning those lining up to pay their respects should prepare to be there for thirty hours. The line could be nine miles long.

It’s been an impressive goodbye. So many moving moments. The Queen’s children standing guard over her casket at St. Giles Church in Edinburgh. It’s called the “Vigil of the Princes.”

There was Princess Anne. Her last curtsy to her mother, the Queen. Heartbreaking.

From Scotland, the Queen begins her last journey to London. First to Buckingham Palace. Then, to Westminster Hall. She will lie in state there for four days.

Sunday night a national minute of science. 8pm. That’s the night before the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey.

The last state funeral in England was in 1965. It was for Sir Winston Churchill.

That funeral should be one for the ages. Every dignitary in the world is expected. Nearly 500. The Bidens will be there. Vladimir Putin will not. He wasn’t invited.

These next few days should be something to see. The Brits loved their Queen. Thirty hours in a nine mile long line.

Like I said, an impressive goodbye.

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