I’ve had some time to wander the streets of Paris alone and just admire its beauty. It really is, to me, the most beautiful city anywhere. I used to feel that way about San Francisco, but we all know what’s happened there.

Then, the reporter in me kicks in. He’s never far away. I start asking questions. Can they pull this off?

I’m referring to the upcoming Summer Olympics. The games are six months away. All over Paris, you see the construction. The cleanup of the Champs Elysees. It looks less Times Square and more Rodeo Drive. There’s even a Louis Vuitton hotel in the works.

Notre Dame is coming along. It won’t be open in time for the Olympics, but that spectacular cathedral will be clearly on display along the Seine.

Which brings us to perhaps the biggest question of all about the Paris Olympics. Will the Seine River be ready?

Les Carpenter writes in the Washington Post: “The Paris Olympics’ Seine River plan is bold, audacious and risky.”

Here’s what organizers here want to do. For the first time ever, hold the opening ceremonies on the river. A parade of athletes on boats going up the Seine.

It could be spectacular. Past Notre Dame, past the Louvre, and ending near the Eiffel Tower.

It could also be a nightmare. Security is the biggest concern. It’s one thing to protect a stadium. A river is something else entirely.

France’s Interior Minister promises 40 thousand police and private security officers will create an “anti-terrorist perimeter.” Even artificial intelligence will be used to protect the Opening Ceremonies.

Another problem with the Seine is that it’s dirty. Really dirty. They want to have swimming events in it during the games.

A huge and expensive effort is underway to clean up the river. No one is certain it will work or be ready on time.

Can they pull this off? France is confident it can.

At the very least, it’s starting to look like the Olympics are coming. Souvenir stands everywhere. I got my “Paris 2024” ball cap ready to go. I’ll be sitting in my house watching the Opening Ceremonies in July. Dreaming of this beautiful city and hoping Paris pulls it off.

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