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I took a few days off from work. Had a little basal cell carcinoma removed from my head. My doc gave me a “get out of school note”, so why not take it?

All is well. Just a little divot in my scalp.

I’m gonna wear a lot of hats from here on out, though. Anyway, as luck would have it, this work absence coincided with the Brent Kavanaugh scandal in the Senate. I promised myself I was not going to watch this. I was taking a break from the news. Well, that didn’t happen. I couldn’t look away from it. I mean, who could?! I was having Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill flashbacks. Again, I didn’t know who to believe. Then, I saw that raw, upsetting elevator scene with Jeff Flake and the two women. I wanted to look away. I couldn’t. I didn’t know who to feel sorry for. The women or Flake? Both? By the time it was all over with, they gave themselves, and all the rest of us, a break. A week to let the FBI look into all this. We may never get all the answers we need here, but we may get some. Maybe then, a chance to make a better decision. At least one they can live with. It was an ugly thing to watch on TV. It made me mad. It made me sad. It’s where we are, though. I fear it only gets worse from here.

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  1. I too had planned not to watch the hearings. Better not to raise my blood pressure. 🙂 But I couldn’t look away and wound up watching all 9 hours of testimony. I believed both of them, Ford AND Kavanaugh. How is that possible? Something hideous definitely happened to Dr Ford 35+ years ago. But she demonstrated her memory is somewhat faulty (couldn’t recall the time or date or place or how she arrived at the scene or how she left there). And there was no forensic evidence (no medical reports, no police reports, no DNA, no witnesses that corroborated her story). So there is good reason to believe she is mixing up Kavanaugh in her mind with someone else. When there is such doubt you cannot fault the accused. I hope she continues to get help. And I hope people pray for peace for her as well as pray for Justice Kavanaugh. Watching Senator Flake’s face in that elevator when he was accosted I thought he must have felt he just triggered the civil war. Perhaps it is good we will delay one more week for another FBI look at the allegations. It may calm everyone down.
    I am glad you are blogging again. You are an excellent writer and always give one something meaningful to think about. Thank you.

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