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Last Sunday, I wrote how I couldn’t look away from the Kavanaugh hearings. Now, it’s done.

I can’t look anymore. It’s not that I’m upset about the result…upset just doesn’t matter. It’s done. We live with it.

Now, the fallout. My favorite thing to do on Sunday morning is love on my dogs, drink coffee, read the papers and watch the Sunday news shows. Today, I can’t do the last two. I just don’t want to see it today. I’ve been doing the news for almost forty years. It’s been my life and my career. I love the profession. I still believe it’s necessary. Today, I’m tired. I have a few more hours before I will be reading it out loud on TV again.

I just don’t want to do it tomorrow. Why? Everyone is so damn mad. Forty years at this and I have never seen people so mad. “Fake news,” the guy yelled at me at the gym. He was a big guy, so I just walked away. I wanted to say the news isn’t fake… you just don’t like what you are hearing.

My business has done this to itself. We have helped divide the country. Those in the middle are left out. I hope we can find a way to bring them in and fix this mess. Maybe that’s what I need to focus on now. Helping getting us back to some common ground.

I’m rambling a bit today. Sorry about that. The house is quiet. The dogs are sleeping on my lap. I think I’ll just stay here now and watch some non-news TV.

2 thoughts on “Can’t Look At It Anymore”
  1. My favorite things to do on Sunday mornings also include coffee and news, or at least they used to. Actually, coffee and news has been the “everyday-starter” in my own household, my parents, as well as my grandparents, for as long as I can remember. It’s how we learn. It’s how we stay in touch. It has always been a gateway to the real life world, going on outside of our little circle. It is life. It is death. It is war. It is true reality TV put on by people from all walks of life. The good, the bad and most definitely the ugly.
    Unfortunately, you are very correct in saying that times have changed. Society as a whole has changed. There is no respect taught or portrayed in any form. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, the disrespect runs right through our own government. It is publicly displayed on every channel, every single day. At the president, by the president, at the military, every branch of our judicial system, law enforcement…. you name it and It can be found on television today.
    Shame on the man at the gym for yelling “fake news” at you. Shame on so many Americans for abusing their powers of free speech by spouting off without a clue of the repercussions.
    As a wise man once told me, “You can be the ripest, juiciest, sweetest peach in the world, but, there will always be someone that still hates peaches.”
    Keep shining bright Russell. You are one of the few reasons I still turn on the TV each morning. While there are many reasons to tune out as the tides change, it is those of us with strong minds and huge hearts that will hang on.

  2. I totally agree! I had to turn the news off today just out of pure disgust. We are still a GREAT nation, why can’t the American politicians act like Americans rather then the kindergarten children I teach. My children show more respect, kindness and understanding than most adults I have spoken to lately. Another issue I have is why can’t Florida count? Stop the
    early voting, the mail in ballots and just go back to you vote on Tuesday 7 to 7. Sorry for ranting, I’m over the politicians. Let the American people have a voice again.

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