Texas Credit Card fraud

That was the question posed to me by the credit card company.

Apparently, someone using my card sure was. They had a big time in Big Spring. For the record, I was there thirty-five years ago. I was just starting my TV career and worked in Abilene, Texas, for a few years. I doubt it took that long for a charge to show up on my card.

So, I’m the victim of credit card theft…again. It amazes me how much of this is expected. The credit card companies have entire departments dedicated to this. Now, here I am, having to tell the theft protection folks that I wasn’t at the Walmart in Big Spring. That charge was declined, by the way. It was the $2100 cash advance that went through. Ouch. But, I’m told, I’m not responsible for any of it.

So, there it is. It’s just business as usual. The account is frozen. A new card is on the way and I’m back in business. I guess that’s the age we live in. They can steal our credit cards without actually stealing the plastic card. I don’t even begin to understand how this happens.

Now, about Big Spring, Texas. As I recall, there was a great bbq restaurant there. I just hope that the thieves had a good meal… on my card!

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