I should tell you upfront that I don’t like Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

After your parents have died, it’s just not any fun. I especially hate going to a restaurant on those days. It’s just too much. Well, yesterday, I got stuck having brunch at a neighborhood restaurant. It was exactly as I expected. Families there celebrating dad. I was really feeling sorry for myself.

Now, Pinky’s has a cool thing. While you are waiting for a table, you can grab a mug and some coffee. All kinds of mugs. I saw a University of Oklahoma mug. I grabbed it and poured some coffee. Now, I went to college at OU. I thought how random that a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, had an OU mug.

I posted it on Instagram. Minutes later, my friend Mary Dee in Paris, Texas, sent me a text. “Random? That’s Ray checking in on you. Fathers Day.” She was right! My dad went to OU too. He was checking in on Fathers Day. Well,

I lost it. I mean, wouldn’t you? I will say this though… it changed my view of Fathers and Mothers Day. No longer hate those days. It’s a chance to remember those we have loved . They may be gone, but not gone too far.

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