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Fascinating read in today’s Washington Post from George Will. “Apollo 11 Achievement Still Dazzles.”

He gives a remarkable perspective and time line on the events from President Kennedy’s speech about going to the Moon in 1963…to the actual accomplishment in 1969. It was the 1960’s. While much of the scientific community in this country was focused on beating the Soviets and getting to the Moon first… the rest seemed to be focused on other issues. Vietnam. Civil Rights. It was a bad time in America. The ’60’s.

So, when July, 1969, finally came, we were ready for something good. And we got it. At this point in the mission, we were still waiting. Waiting to see if this could really happen. A person actually walking on the Moon. We know now it happened. Back then, we were still waiting and hoping. Looking at the Moon above.

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