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I’ve learned that I do some of my best thinking doing cardio at the gym. That’s probably an indication that I’m not working out hard enough. That said, I’ve figured out that I will be reading the news on TV for a lot longer than planned. Retirement? Ha!

The headline on CNBC: “Dow’s Worst Point Drop Ever.” Ever? Ever. Sheesh! Correction market approaching bear market. Uh, oh. Coronavirus is one problem. Oil prices are another. They tanked today. Everything is down. Everything, it seems, but Clorox.

I tried to find some hand sanitizer at Publix. The sign said we are limiting your purchase to two. Two? There was none on the shelf! I heard there might be some at the Dollar Store. Nope. So, I guess I’m gonna trust the experts. It doesn’t kill coronavirus.

My dad, Ray Rhodes, was a pharmacist. Had a drug store in Paris, Texas. He always said warm water and Dial soap will kill anything. Dial soap, I got. I’m trusting you dad.

You never steered me wrong. Okay, that’s all. Cardio is done. Retirement is a long way off.

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  1. Glad you won’t be retiring soon. My mornings are not complete without Russell Rhodes and Laura Moody.

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