coronavirus cover-19 change staying home

I was thinking today how life has changed in a matter of weeks.

Coronavirus presents a new way of looking at things. For now, a new normal. No one kisses or shakes hands. Awkward elbow bumps are the way we say hello.

Everything, it seems, is cancelled. Sports. School. Events. Dinners. No one wants to be around anyone else right now. I don’t. I want to just crawl under the covers and wait it out. I can’t. I gotta work. That’s weird too.

Every sneeze, every cough is suspect. Did someone call in sick? Do they have it? My constant allergies are now concerns that I have coronavirus. I don’t, but what if I do? That’s the new normal. Everything is being questioned.

Our lives today are not like they were. My 401K is nothing like it was. I assume that because I refuse to look. I know this gets better. People will get sick. Most will get well. The economy will recover. Life will get back to the old normal. Soon, I hope. New normal isn’t a lot of fun.

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