Working from home during the Coronavirus

It’s been a week.

Quite honestly, I was not prepared for this. I knew that reading the news from home was a possibility… I just wouldn’t allow myself to really buy into it.

Then, it happened.

Coronavirus concerns at my work have set in. Friday morning, I anchored the news from my family room. I didn’t sleep the night before. Nervous like it was my first day on the job.

6AM came. Not so bad. We stacked U-Haul boxes and books to get my computer-turned-teleprompter to appear as though it were just below the camera lens.

It almost worked. Okay, it mostly worked. I can live with it.

My set in the corner of the family room looked like a set in the corner of the family room. Needs some work. By the time 10AM came around, I was exhausted. Couldn’t tell if it worked or not.

My boss called. He liked it. A few tweaks here and there, but he liked it.

He told me something important, too. “These days, it’s not about being perfect. It’s about just being there.”

That was huge for me.

I wanted perfection from a corner of the family room set with U-Haul boxes stacked on top of each other. That won’t happen.

But… I was working. Working from home. My dogs nearby.

It’s going to be this way for awhile. I’m out of the TV station until this is over. New rules. New normal. I’m okay. I just wish I could remember what’s in those U-Haul boxes.

2 thoughts on “Working from home during the Coronavirus”
  1. I watched and thought it was perfect. Not in the technical sense but thats why it was perfect. I spent several days this past week, via zoom using my large family as guinea pigs, figuring out how to conduct divorce mediations from my home. Worrying about all the legal issues but also fixating on “the set”. Seeing the uhaul boxes in your living room helped me put things in perspective. Thankyou

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