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I was thinking yesterday about the things that have helped me get through these last few months. I was thinking about it because I can’t believe I’m still having to rely on them. I think I will be for a while, too.

Besides the obvious comforts—my husband, Enrique, and my frenchies, Coco and Josephine—there are a few things that I’ve learned I can’t live without.

First of all, “Perry Mason.” Yes, the TV show. The original one, not the new one on HBO. I’m talking about the old, black-and-white version from CBS. The Raymond Burr version. The one where “he never lost a case.” (Apparently, he did. That was rare and he always found a way to fix it.)

I’m telling you that I watch a “Perry Mason” episode everyday. I haven’t run out yet. I’m getting close. What’s next? “Law and Order?”

I’ve found that there is something comforting about watching old TV shows. I watched an “I Love Lucy” episode yesterday and laughed liked I had never seen it before. It was the one where Lucy meets William Holden and sets her nose on fire. It never got better than that.

What I’m getting at here, I think, is that during these really tough times, I’m reminding myself of simpler things. Now, I have no idea if the lives of Perry Mason and Lucy Ricardo were any simpler than what people are going through now, but they sure seemed that way. I’m certain Raymond Burr and Lucille Ball had their troubles. We just never saw them.

As you probably know, I read the news on TV for a living. My mind is at critical mass. I just can’t take any more information after I leave work at the end of my show. For a while, I never understood those folks that told me they can’t watch the news. Now, I’m starting to get it. Right now, it’s just too much.

So, I have put myself on a news diet. I still take in more than the average person, but I have really cut back. Enjoying the simpler times.

So far, so good.

P.S. I’m open to suggestions for new, “old” shows to watch next! I can’t do original “Star Trek” again. Not yet, at least. I’m thinking maybe “Mission Impossible.” That was a great TV show. Fighting Soviets seems so much easier than what we are fighting today. Such simpler times…

3 thoughts on “Covid Comfort”
  1. Really love and enjoy reading your blogs. I have been watching old threes company episodes p

  2. Definitely Mission impossible and Man from UNCLE! My son Connor and I just binged the original Twilight Zone Series… still awesome! And of course any of the BBC spy shows!

  3. Frasier. I’ve seen them all. I can quote them. I own the DVD’s of all seasons and I still laugh at that show! Also try 3rd Rock from the Sun. Just great comedy!

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