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In the movie “Biloxi Blues,” Brooklyn born Eugene Jerome says of being in Biloxi, Mississippi: “Man, it’s hot. It’s like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.”

God bless Neil Simon!

I feel like it’s been that kind of hot in Los Angeles this week. Just too hot.

The opening tease on the news last night: “The hottest day in LA County history. 121 degrees in Woodland Hills.” Now that will get your attention.

It’s been brutal. You just wanna do a lot of nothing. I’m on vacation though so I can’t just do nothing.

Enrique and I drove to Santa Monica for lunch. They told us it was 10 degrees cooler there. Ha! Ten degrees less is 110! Still hot.

I wrote last time about how California is taking Coronavirus more seriously than Florida. But I think we beat them on another important benchmark. Air conditioning. Florida has this A/C thing down.

I just don’t think Los Angeles has been accustomed to this kind of heat. And with indoor seating in restaurants still off limits because of Covid, they haven’t learned about the magic of misting fans. Hell, I’m not sure they know about fans at all!

Lots of folks are out and about though. It’s a holiday weekend. People have been cooped up all summer. They want to get out. Heat ain’t slowing anybody down.

It’s a different kind of heat than we are used to in Florida. It’s dry heat. Very little humidity.

We drove up to the Griffith Park Observatory the other night. We expected it to be cooler up there. Nope. Just a hot wind blowing through those hills. It felt like we were standing in a convection oven.

Side note: it’s easy to understand why this state is burning up. It’s dry. The hot air blowing. People not paying enough attention. Turns out fireworks used at a gender reveal party started one of the big fires burning out here right now. I’m just reporting the news here.

It looks like this heatwave will break in the next couple of days. Good news for the power grid here. It’s pushed to its limit.

Good news for firefighters battling these fires. I can’t imagine having that job. They’re heroes. Everyone of them.

Now, I’m starting to feel guilty about complaining about the heat. I’m not fighting fires. I’m not working outside. I’m on vacation.

But I still stand by my original premise… Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of heat!

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