California Wildfire

I’m just back from a few days of vacation in Los Angeles. Back to Florida.

It is a tale of two states.

The situation in California is grim. The fires are out of control on the West Coast. The loss of property is staggering. The loss of life is just so sad. Nothing seems to be under control. It’s frightening as well as heartbreaking.

Here at home, it’s not fires, but rain and hurricanes. I took a look at our weather maps this morning and saw seven systems on it.

As different as the situations are, they have one thing in common: the wind.

In California, the air is filled with smoke. Although it wasn’t as bad in Los Angeles where we were compared to up North in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

Some of the worst air quality in the world is out West right now.

The Washington Post has a piece about how the air in the Pacific Northwest is actually hazardous.

Eileen Quigley of the Clean Energy Transition Institute in Seattle says, “The sun doesn’t seem to rise or set. The sky gets a little bit brighter and a little bit darker and that’s how you know the day is starting or ending.”

I can’t imagine having to breathe that kind of air for all this time.

It’s also slowing the progress of fighting the fires.

While the wind hurts the progress in fighting fires… it is helping to clear the air a bit.

In Florida, it’s just wet and rainy. Not bad when you compare it to what’s going on out West.

Not bad when you consider a hurricane is headed to the Northern Gulf Coast… again.

I looked at the map to see what else was out there spinning. We’ve still got a lot of hurricane season left too. The hype about this year’s season is true.

A lot of weather going on right now. Fire storms out West. Rain storms and hurricanes here.

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