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It’s been more than a week since the election, and although we know the outcome, still we wait for something. Just like this year’s hurricane season, the election season is not over yet.

… but more on “Eta” later.

Why are we waiting? President Trump is still not conceding the election. He’s just not. A lot of people are not surprised either. Also, a lot of people think the election really was stolen from him.

That’s where we are. President-elect Joe Biden continues on with his transition plans. President Trump continues to pursue legal action. Whether his lawyers find any wrongdoing or fraudulent votes is unknown. At this point though, it appears there isn’t. At this point, it appears nothing will change.

In fact, the Washington Post is reporting that President Trump’s advisers are privately saying that a Biden victory is “less a question of if than when?”

With that said, it is completely within President’s right to do this.

As for the Biden transition team, it is certainly complicating things. That’s because the General Services Administration has not formally recognized him as President-Elect. Until that happens, the Biden team cannot meet with counterparts in the White House or other federal agencies.

That’s where we are. Once again in a state of suspended animation.

But there is one thing that does continue to move on. This storm. “Eta” could be a hurricane again before it’s done. It will be an interesting few days. Tampa Bay will definitely feel something from this. Just how much?

That’s where we are with things. I do know this…the storm will pass before the election controversy does.

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