Will former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden run in 2024? My Magic 8 Ball says, “All signs point to yes.”

Let’s start with Trump. His “big announcement” is tonight in south Florida. He’s describing it as, “one of the most important days in the history of our country.”

What else could it be? He’s been hinting at it for weeks. Should he do it, though?

Donald Trump got a thumping during the midterm elections. Most of the candidates he endorsed didn’t win. Most of the election deniers didn’t win.

Who did win and won big? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. I have been on the fence if he should run in 2024 or wait until 2028. I’m starting to lean toward run now.

Ron DeSantis is having a moment. While I’m certain Fox News will keep his name relevant, you never know what might happen. How long does your moment last? Ask Chris Christie.

If Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump both decide to try and get the Republican nomination for 2024, get ready for an ugly fight.

Trump is already going after DeSantis. He’s threatening to release unflattering information about the governor. He’s accused him of being disloyal and ungrateful.

Now, to President Biden. Will he run again? Fresh off his successful midterms, Biden looks stronger. Does that translate to being president for a second term? I’m not so sure.

Conservative Brett Stephens says in the New York Times: “I doubt that Biden has the physical stamina and mental acuity for a second term. Liberals shouldn’t gull themselves into thinking that the midterms vindicate the idea that Biden is a more viable candidate than people thought. He’s still wildly unpopular. The Democrats need a different nominee, especially if they aren’t lucky enough to get Trump as their opponent.”

If not Biden, then whom? I haven’t seen a lot of Democrats out there that impress me these days. Colorado Governor Jared Polis is the exception. By the way, he was re-elected last week with numbers like DeSantis did over Charlie Crist.

It’s crazy to think that we are talking about all this now. The midterm elections are not totally decided. The runoff election for the Senate seat in Georgia hasn’t even happened yet. That’s where we are.

Of course, I am making a big assumption here… that Donald Trump will announce at Mar-a-Lago tonight that he’s running again. It could be anything. That said, I’m trusting my Magic 8 Ball. All signs point to… yes.

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