Trump Coronavirus

The news alert came across my phone early Friday morning: “The President and First Lady test positive for Coronavirus.” Now, what?

In a year where nothing has gone as expected, here’s something else.

From what we know, White House aide Hope Hicks tested positive first. Then, the President and First Lady. No symptoms, but the First Family is going into quarantine.

This is all breaking news.

The stock market is reacting. Badly, as you would expect.

The big question in my mind is where does the campaign go from here? It’s a month until the election. A quarantine could last two weeks. This is a president that likes to get out and campaign. Big rallies. He feeds on them. A lot of time lost.

What about the Biden campaign? Does he go full speed ahead? Or, does he dial it back, too?

What about the next Presidential debate? It’s supposed to be a town hall type. Do you want all those people in the same room?

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace says the implications are huge. Not just the politics, but for the business of the country. Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, he’s the President. The Commander-in-Chief. All that has to be taken into consideration.

President Trump’s doctor says he should be able to continue his duties. Dr. Sean Conley says, “Rest assured I expect the President to continue carrying out his duties without disruption while recovering, and I will keep you updated on any future developments.”

The Vice President has tested negative. Think about this though… if both the President and Vice President get sidelined from Covid, the Speaker of the House assumes the role. That’s Nancy Pelosi. Wow!

It’s going to be an interesting few days. Not that it wasn’t going to be already.

As we say in the news business, “Stay Tuned.”

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